It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? #6

It’s Monday! What are YOU Reading is a weekly feature hosted by Book Date where we share what books we read in the past week and what we are going to be reading in the coming week. It is a great plan for organising your coming reading week!

A fun previous week in general with life, though rather a slow one when it comes to finishing books even though I am enjoying what I read and am not in a slump at the moment (thankfully). I have a lot of ordered books trickling in at my local library and I have not yet finished any books that can be returned and yes you’ve guessed it, I have my maximum allowance of books out presently 😂 Lol I never seem to learn, I’ve really needed to get a move on with books since like forever now yet still I will always say it feels good to have a massive TBR 😉


What I have read

The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, #5)

This was a very good and very typical Rick Riordan book that had plenty of likeable qualities, however in the end I found everything really rushed with what happened with the characters not the most believable. I was extra pleased to find out that there will be more Percy Jackson in the Trials of Apollo series which wild horses will not stop me from getting my hands on someday. I think it is safe to say I am a firm Riordan fan now 😉

What I am reading at the moment

Green Rider (Green Rider, #1)

Yup, I finally stuck with my planned TBR from last time I did one of these posts yay! I’m liking this series starter a lot so far even though I can’t really connect with the main character at the moment which I hope will change as the author has taken great care to pack this story with action and adventure which will hopefully make for fast reading. So many good reviews of this so I hope to think likewise at the end.

Possible reading suggestions for the coming week

The Heralds of Valdemar Omnibus

I just need to finish this book, plain and simple and I know it is a very big book with quite small writing but I have been on it forever now 😛 This does have a good storyline inside with an intriguing style of writing, the same can’t really be said about the characters though as they mostly seem flat at this present time. I feel I also found things move too quickly sometimes considering each book in this trilogy is only like a couple hundred pages long, so that can make it hard at times to connect with everything though this author really has a compelling way of telling stories… As I say I will always have a taller than me TBR! 😂

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One thought on “It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? #6

  1. I haven’t read the Arrows to the Queen series for a number of years but I still recall it fondly. I have enjoyed all of the Valdemar books. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


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