Hi there! My name’s Ambi and I’m a long-standing book addict who’s best friends are her kindle, MP3 Player, computer and library card. My love of books has been present for a good deal of my life and I have been wanting to set up my very own book site for 2 years 😮 but could never find the confidence to actually get started as I struggled so much in terms of editing and I’ve always found coding daunting and difficult (many people now believe I may have a dyscalculia due to my constant struggle to grasp maths). I started this site mainly because of my (obvious) love of books and the fact that I wanted to take that love a little further… also it’s a good commitment and past time for when I’m just in the house and of course its super satisfying 😀 . My other most favourite hobby is travelling. There’s not a lot I love more than getting off a plane in a different culture and climate… and I like to read similar books inspired by the culture of the place I travel to so much to my parents dismay, I’m always desperate to take loads of books with me on trips and I’m super picky 😉 I will say it is so lovely to see all these diverse culturally inspired books hitting the market, so yeah, reading will follow me everywhere even if I travel.

I’m autistic and I also like to daydream a lot and am a deep thinker who loves to think about philosophy and thought-provoking matters. In fact I daydream so much I have my own sets of characters I think of combating different situations… lol this is one of my favourite pastimes when I have nothing to do or am listening to music as I’ve always had a very vivid imagination 😛 I’m also a long time believer in the paranormal and have an open mind to all things out of the ordinary, (even though so far I haven’t really experienced anything and I’m not sure I subconsciously want to as many others have said I have a very closed off energy) and love animals and going for walks in nature (even though the city can have a good vibe too). I’m generally an open minded person who likes to always look at both sides of an argument and likes to look at the hows and whys, and even though many people have said I’m a negative person and I’ve had many bad social experiences in the past mostly due to being on the spectrum, I prefer to live my imagination not my history nowadays. So yeah I’ve always loved to speculate, imagine and been a deep thinker 😛 🙂

Here are 5 additional quick facts

  • I’m a virgo
  • I like reading books based on cultures in a similar culture (travel reads)
  • I’m an introvert who has always struggled with confidence
  • I deeply care about fair trade/the environment
  • I’m agnostic

My favourite book genres are any types of fantasy/paranormal, science fiction, dystopia, horror, historical fiction, any type of knowledgeable thriller about past secrets similar to the Dan Brown books and YA. I’m passionate about the SFF genres because of their philosophical speculations which leads to my most thought of speculation on what is real and what is not, believe me that subject is deeper than it sounds.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso

I rate my books honestly and the source of the book (how I came to have it) does not effect my view of the book or opinion in any way. I also believe in being brutally honest in reviews but I still aim to look at all aspects. At the moment I simply cannot take any review request (no time!) as my tbr of library books and ARCs is still way above my head. But when I ever get this under control…..

Here are some of my favourite genres displayed through imagery..

These remind me of the apocalyptic books I’ve read.



And these are for my love of fantasy (and cats!).



I also like funny gifs..

Related image

Image result for frog throws cricket gif

Image result for epic gif

Image result for darth vader falls off a segway gif

*Images are not my own they were found on Google Images*

And videos!


My favourite music videos when growing up (I tended to not have many friends as a child and spent a lot of time watching lots channels on satellite TV) these set my imagination on a roll 😉

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