TTT: Changes in my reading life

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010 but was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl come January 2018. It was made through the love of lists, books and to bring readers together.

I’ll be perfectly honest here and say that this prompt made me think hard and for quite a while. I haven’t really made any changes to my reading life as I still get a vast majority of my reading material from libraries and will always prefer to borrow rather than buy if I can help it. I still watch my library catalogue like a hawk for new books and I’m always checking the stocks so for year now I’m still probably one of the best customers to my local library 😂 Changes… there are some after all and these are the 7 changes that came to mind 🙂

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I have developed a love for historical fiction

Image result for historical fiction books

I think I have mentioned before that when I was younger I would only really read books that were set in the present or mostly set in the future and anything that was set in the past that didn’t have some fantastical elements was ignored. That’s all changed now, I’m fond of reading all kinds of historical fiction from any era and set in any place in the world. It is now one of my favourite genres that I long to explore more of though my own TBR is still far too demanding.

I’ll give a chance to some books that are not necessarily including of fantastical elements

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, #1)Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon, #1)

These two books are perfect examples of this statement and both authors are those I need to read more from :/ Angus, Thongs was a book that surprised me with how much I liked it as it really is as funny as the title suggests though at the same time the story felt real. Dan Brown has become a new favourite author of mine though I have been meaning to read more from him but have constantly been sidetracked! I know both these series are series I have to read more in.

I’ve moved my all-time favourite genre from dystopia only to fantasy especially those with cultural references

Image result for fantasy wallpaper

Yass! Because I’ll be going to Thailand very soon, that just kind of reinforces this statement. I still like dystopian books and I will still aim to read them, though now my obsessions are more with fantasy books as I like the speculations the magical aspects raise in me and when a culture is explored, well, that just makes for perfect holiday reading 😉

I will now carefully plan my holiday reading list rather than just taking any book

Image result for holiday reading

Before I didn’t really care which books I took with me on trips only as long as the book sounded good which is just like in typical life, though if trips arise nowadays, I’m very thoughtful on which books best have themes that resemble the setting or culture I am going to be visiting. Most of of you know this anyway lol 🙂

 I now DNF books easier than in the past

Image result for did not finish

If there is any book that is simply not interesting me anymore and I’m not getting on with it, then it is simply going to be sent back to the library. I used to feel conflicted about not finishing any book though now I know life is simply too short to force yourself through something that you’re not benefiting from and books are meant for enjoymenmt anyway 😛

I’ll buy books for myself if they’re really interesting and my library can’t get them in

Image result for books

Either on kindle or if that’s not available then in paperback, but this is only for the cultural fantasy type books that I’m REALLY interested in reading that aren’t readily available as even now I’m not into buying books.

Nowadays I will read adult books as well as classics rather than only YA or childrens

This is one that I’m so glad has come because I was so narrow minded before only reading YA when there are sometimes even better things available in the adult genres. In fact sometimes I even PREFER to read adult books because they’re more raw and real meaning in other words they’re not sugarcoated in any way and all the ugliness of life is left in which sometimes is avoided in YA. I will always be a book lover either way! 😀


Are there any changes to your reading life as of recently? 🙂




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