The Wasted Potential Tag


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There have been so many times I have read a book and thought everything about it, despite it having a great premise, was just a giant wasted hot mess. I think many other readers could also agree! This tag was created by Elise @ The Bookish Actress and I found it on Inside My Library Mind.

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Who Am I Book Tag


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I have quite a busy week this week with support workers and all sorts of other catch ups  so perhaps for the next two days I might not be able to come here, perhaps… 😛 I saw this tag first on The Bibliophagist and of course it was too fun to pass by so read on for my all so exciting responses! 😉

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The Astrological Book Tag


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Astrology is something I’ve always been fascinated with but never really understood when I was younger, I will probably look into this more in the future but for the time being it is time for another tag 🙂 This tag was created by  Peace.Love.Veggies and I saw it first on Book Princess Reviews and Ashes Books & Bobs. Enjoy!

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The Amsterdam Book Tag



Yay, Amsterdam! In February this year (and last) my family and I took a mini cruise trip to Amsterdam and even though with this deal you only get one day there, it always is a fun time and nice to see somewhere different. I used to go to the Netherlands quite a lot when I was younger and I remember seeing loads of interesting museums and Anne Frank’s house but these ship rides there are what my family really look forward to nowadays 🙂 This tag and graphics were created by The Writing Hufflepuff and I first saw it on YA on My Mind. Read on for pics of this years trip and of course more bookish interests 🙂

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