Goodreads Monday | Daemon

Goodreads Monday is hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. It is when we show off a book from our TBR that we’re looking forward to reading.

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

Daemon (Daemon, #1)


A high-tech thriller for the wireless age that explores the unthinkable consequences of a computer program running without human control—a daemon—designed to dismantle society and bring about a new world order

Technology controls almost everything in our modern-day world, from remote entry on our cars to access to our homes, from the flight controls of our airplanes to the movements of the entire world economy. Thousands of autonomous computer programs, or daemons, make our networked world possible, running constantly in the background of our lives, trafficking e-mail, transferring money, and monitoring power grids. For the most part, daemons are benign, but the same can’t always be said for the people who design them.

Matthew Sobol was a legendary computer game designer—the architect behind half-a-dozen popular online games. His premature death depressed both gamers and his company’s stock price. But Sobol’s fans aren’t the only ones to note his passing. When his obituary is posted online, a previously dormant daemon activates, initiating a chain of events intended to unravel the fabric of our hyper-efficient, interconnected world. With Sobol’s secrets buried along with him, and as new layers of his daemon are unleashed at every turn, it’s up to an unlikely alliance to decipher his intricate plans and wrest the world from the grasp of a nameless, faceless enemy—or learn to live in a society in which we are no longer in control. . . .

Computer technology expert Daniel Suarez blends haunting high-tech realism with gripping suspense in an authentic, complex thriller in the tradition of Michael Crichton, Neal Stephenson, and William Gibson.


I have ordered this at my college library but it is currently overdue and with somebody else who I hope hasn’t lost it. When I return from Thailand I mostly look forward getting into more of these techno sci-fi thrillers that I have seen around and about in my libraries though this particular one I have had my eye on for years. In my college library I have mentioned this book being overdue and my wanting to read it and they have said they will send an email to the person who has got it enquiring if they have finished with it etc. but for now as I will be going away next Tuesday I think I’ll wait until the new year before chasing this up. This just sounds too good to leave as it hints at much anticipated action and plenty of brilliant sci-fi speculation especially since I discovered a real liking for certain types of thrillers after reading two Dan Brown books. Gah so many books! I just hope whoever has this out can and will return it soon 😛

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