Full Circle – Pamela Freeman

Full Circle (Castings, #3)


Author: Pamela Freeman
Release Date: January 1st 2009
Genres: Adult, High fantasy
Series: Castings #3
Pages: 400
Pacing: Medium/ slow


Saker’s ghost army is slaughtering those of the new blood, fueled by an ancient wrong. But while he’d thought revenge would be simple, he’s now plagued by voices foreshadowing a calamity beyond his comprehension.

Ash and Bramble raise the warrior spirit of Acton, mighty in life and powerful in death. Only he can stop Saker’s rampage. But is Acton, Lord of War, murderer or savior?

And why would he help strangers protect a world he’s never known?

Bramble has been marked as Saker’s nemesis, but will be challenged by deeper powers than Saker can command – as well as by her own feelings for Acton. As the living fight the dead, strange forces will shape an uncertain future from pain and suffering. 

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I feel very pleased that I finally got by to finishing this wholly unique and beautifully written series. This book more or less fully lived up to expectation as I really enjoyed reading about the characters and their struggles and also the way the hostility and difference between the old and new bloods was portrayed.

I will still say as I have mentioned before that I really enjoyed the side stories of all the people the characters met along the way and now that I’ve finished the trilogy I think these parts were among those I enjoyed the most as I don’t think I’ve ever met any other fantasy books written like this before. The characters themselves I must say I have a hot cold opinion of because sometimes I enjoy their narratives and really can immerse myself into their experiences and feelings and other times I don’t find them plausible at all which I can see now is because of the way they have been written. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the writing style with the descriptions of the magic, deep feelings and surrounding world, though I do remember the different way in which lots of these things are portrayed made me not get on too well with the first book a short time after I’d finished reading it, though I will say after some time and after I’d had more time to think about things, I will admit that the first book and all of these books are definitely classed as hidden gems in my opinion 🙂

As mentioned before, this author has a very different way of doing things, so nearly everything about all the books in this series was unexpected meaning I genuinely didn’t know where the plot was heading or what would happen with any of the characters. The ending and the way the author tied things up here was unexpected to say the least, though I must add here before I forget that these books are not bare knuckle action types with really shocking twists, they’re more like slower rivers where things do happen and there are enough dark themes, but here the writing focuses more on really digesting and getting involved with the descriptions, thoughts of characters and the story. The way the author writes emotion and magic into this richly thought of world to me is just incredible and this is not the first time I have said this, but I really wish Ms Freeman would write more! :/

So after finishing this book and series I will like to recommend them to all those who like beautiful writing with a generally slow moving yet engaging plot where it can sometimes be impossible to see what will happen next. These books are gems in their own right and they just have a rally epic feel to them in my opinion and the ending was satisfying for the characters and their world and I look forward to reading Ember and Ash which is a standalone sequel to this series as I’ve been told. Recommended! 🙂

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