It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? #8

It’s Monday! What are YOU Reading is a weekly feature hosted by Book Date where we share what books we read in the past week and what we are going to be reading in the coming week. It is a great plan for organising your coming reading week!

Today I’ve been feeling extra positive because my dad has come home from his holiday abroad and my Christmas dress top that I ordered in September and has taken what feels like an age to get here has finally arrived today and I am so pleased with how it looks 😀 It is less than a month until my family and I go on our trip to Thailand and I have got everything for my TBR there sorted, in fact I’m pretty sure I have got way too many books to read in just over two weeks… 😛 I will do my best though as I have a feeling this holiday is going to have a lot of idling time so perfect for reading some fabulous Asian inspired fantasy books lol 😉 I have college tomorrow as usual which is always something to look forward to though I still need to do more when it comes to actually READING the books I have… This week is hopefully going to be more productive!


What I have read

Full Circle (Castings, #3)

A good satisfying series that I would say is a treat to read. These books aren’t your typical fantasy plots as the author here has a very different way of doing things and I have absolutely adored it 🙂 I so wish this author would write more fantasy books…

What I am reading at the moment


Loving this at the moment and though I’m not familiar with the Dancing Princesses fairy tale, there really is something appealing and magical in how the author has set things out here. I need to do more reading of this as I’m more than sure there’s plenty more intrigue ahead!

Possible reading suggestions for the coming week

Waste Tide

Since getting this out from my library I’ve had mixed feelings about whether I’ll read it now or some other time. I’ve been kind of keeping it around as a book I can trade into my library to make room on my card for if any ordered books come in and I haven’t finished any current reads. I’m beginning to think I’d like to read it despite my apprehensions though if any more ordered books do come in as of recently, then it still looks like I’ll have to give this one back, I can always get this out again from the library and I am mighty curious about this now having read some of the reviews 😉

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