Book Blogger Hop: November 1st – 7th

Book Blogger Hop is hosted at Coffee Addicted Writer

The purpose of the Hop is to learn about new books, make friends with other bloggers, follow other blogs discover new books and gain more followers for your own blog. The hop will start on a Friday and end on a Thursday and will feature a weekly prompt asking a bookish question.

This week’s question:

Do you read classics? If so, what is your favourite?

I do like an occasional classic every now and again though they’re definitely not my most favourite and sought after thing to read. In the past I found classics boring to put it bluntly as I was always after bare knuckle action when I was young and things written in times gone have a different way of telling their stories which I feel I’m more flexible to nowadays. My favourite types of classic would be the same type of favourites I have in normal books such as paranormal elements and sci-fi elements and of course fantasy worlds are always a win win (I still can’t believe I haven’t read the Lord of the Rings yet though the Hobbit was a real treat). I have recently been given a stack of old books from my aunts childhood which I think I will definitely get into one day when my reading life is more calm as I would like to as always expand on my horizons on what I read. So all in all I am going to aim to read more classic books as there are a lot of them in my college library as I feel I would appreciate them more now rather than when I read Wuthering Heights as a 14 year old 😉

Which are your favourite classics? 🙂

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One thought on “Book Blogger Hop: November 1st – 7th

  1. Bit late to the party this week 😉 sorry. I’ve read classic literature over the years but these days I’m looking for more light entertainment. 😉
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Ambi. Here’s my BBH Post
    Flora x


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