The Sunday Post & Stacking the Shelves (14/9/19)


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My life/books I’ve finished

What a whirlwind these past two weeks have been! I’ll get the negatives out of the way first, we sent off the letter of appeal to social services to appeal to have charges to me regarding my support workers wages lifted. Once again it came as quite a shock to us that they were only willing to give us a 50% reduction and only for a year when my social worker seemed so confident we could get the charges lifted completely :/ But there again I know we have to be grateful if we can get any reductions at all because the situation can always be worse… No one I know including myself have any clue what outcome there will be for this letter but all I hope for is the best and that as a family we can face whatever comes positively.

There has also been the matter of my police DBS check that I paid for and sent off in June which I need to come back to me for my library course which is supposed to start next week 😛 There has been no sign of the DBS coming back and my support worker and I have phoned to chase things up, but I do wonder what is causing them to take this long and whether they’re taking this long because I have been picked up by the police a few times in the past (I don’t have a criminal record or caution though) and this makes me wonder sometimes whether I’ll get my clearance at all… Once again I really hope I will get my clearance soon, not only because I want to start this course but because my college library books are coming to the end of their due dates and because I’m not currently enrolled as a student I very probably have to give them back before the time runs out on them aaarrrggghh! Please get a move with this check, pretty please!

There have been many positives in these weeks too though, reading seems to be going well as I have found quite a few good books like the Heroes of Olympus series which I really need to finish 😛 My family and I have had some gorgeous days out the past two weekends which is why I haven’t really had time to go on this site much but oh there are no regrets! This is from Barmouth near Cadair Idris where we went last Sunday, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect and we all really enjoyed riding the last Sunday trains of this year and having a little walk. I also managed to buy some totally gorgeous but very pricey ethnic clothes while I was there and would have bought a lot more if mum hadn’t come in the shop and stopped me 😦 But anyway I am proud of how the day turned out and here are some pics mum and I took along the way 🙂

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, mountain, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: cloud, sky, ocean, outdoor, nature and water

Books I’ve recently added to my TBR

Fall of Giants (The Century Trilogy, #1)Bandwidth (Analog #1)Romanov

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

Oh so long now I have wanted to read from this author but because these are such big books I guess I always get sidetracked. There are so many good things I have read about Follett’s work though, but for now I have a lot on my plate, this is not forgotten tho!

Bandwidth by Eliot Peper 

I have this whole series on my kindle (unless the author writes more) but as usual need to get to them at some point, she says 😛 These do sound oh so amazing though as I’ve wanted to get into the cyberpunk genre for a while now… soon my friends, soon.

Romanov by Nadine Brandes 

Books like these feel like wintry reads to me, the type to take on a Christmas break somewhere in Europe. I still don’t know what my family will do this Christmas but I most certainly will get to this retelling someday…. she says again lol 😉

enjoy your weekend GIF

5 thoughts on “The Sunday Post & Stacking the Shelves (14/9/19)

  1. As usual you have great photos… maybe you could have a career in photography.
    I hope things work out with your letter of appeal.
    I have read some shorter thrillers by Follett but haven’t faced the huge books.
    I want to check into Bandwidth – I like cyberpunk.
    Enjoy your week and Happy Reading!


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