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Like many others who have done this tag before, I will say the same, this seems like so much fun! My name in short is Ambi but really it should be Ambi-Rosa as that is the my name I go by formally and it is my Facebook profile name, so to make this more involving, I will use the longer variation of my name 😉 First saw this tag on Ally Writes Things.


Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy, #1)


My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers, #1)






Red Winter (Red Winter Trilogy, #1)


Opal Plumstead


Songlines (The Sentinels of Eden, #1)


Alone (The Generations Trilogy, #3)

All books I much look forward to some day getting my hands on (obviously)! I really enjoyed looking through my Goodreads TBR for books beginning in letters of my name that are also my most anticipated reads! I, of course, really want to get to these books as soon as because they still really stand out from the crowd and are easily accessible to me at the moment, though it doesn’t look like I will because of my usual ridiculously large collection of books from my library and of course my arcs I simply must catch up on 😛  This was a fun, interesting tag that made me think and if anyone wishes to give it a go feel free to take it! 🙂

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