The Sunday Post & Stacking the Shelves (31/8/19)


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Weekly recap

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My life/books I’ve finished

Last weekend was a very busy bank holiday weekend where I am, so both my parents were off work meaning we were out all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We were quite lucky the weather was really nice those days too so everyday was well spent even if the places we went were really busy 😉 So because of this, I feel I didn’t get as much reading done as I’d have liked because I only just managed to finish Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes last night and it was quite a good read, but I don’t think I’ll read more from this series for a few days to come though I haven’t given up on this series forever, just that this book seemed to send me into a kind of slump which I hope will lift now that I’m on to another book 😛

The time this past week with my support workers has also been positive and I have with them, recently emailed the head of the college librarian course to find out more information in regards to enrolment as September is upon us and he got back to me saying my DBS clearance, which I needed to come and volunteer in the college library, is supposed to come to me in some form even though that seems quite unclear how exactly as the man from the library gave me a link to a government website which was supposed to help me somehow chase things up because we haven’t received anything in the post. I myself have no clue what to do on this website and really I need my parents or support workers help with this but won’t be seeing them until Thursday next week. I will show this to my parents though and hope they will be cooperative in helping.

There was also another thing I’ve told my support workers which is worrying me, that is the direct payments our local council makes for my support workers wages. Recently we received a letter in the post saying the social workers (when she came to visit us and make a case for us) appeal for the charge to be lifted has only half worked meaning we have to pay half of the original amount demanded of us weekly and for a year until they review assess us next. We were all quite shocked with this outcome as our social worker seemed quite confident she could lift the costs on us permanently and we have forwarded the letter to her to appeal what we should do but so far she hasn’t replied… I so hope she will get in touch soon… :/

Anyway, I will try to be positive and take each day as it comes but one thing is certain, I really do need my support workers as they have helped me immensely in so many ways, and along with hoping my social worker gets in contact ASAP I’m also really hoping to clarify my DBS for my librarian course and of course get more reading done 😛 😉

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Books I’ve recently added to my TBR

The War of the SaintsThe Famished RoadWizard of the Crow

The War of the Saints by Jorge Amado 

I have recently ordered this book from Amazon and it should be arriving in the next month 😀 Everything about this book basically demands I read it in an exotic South American setting which I hope to do if I ever get the chance to visit that fab continent again. Good thing about owning a book is there’s not time limit on when to read it 😉

The Famished Road by Ben Okri 

African magical realism, sign me the fuck up! 🙂 I’m lucky with this series as my library has these books and I know you’ve guessed it, I will try to get a chance to read them in an African setting but oh these books sound so exciting!

Wizard of the Crow by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

I have bought an ebook copy of this book which means it probably won’t be read for a long time 😛 Other reviews have described this as satirical as well as magical and while it is a long book, I feel glad I could get it for a cheap price on kindle… I guess I’d take that back if the book turned out to be absolutely terrible lol 😉

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