TTT: Favourite and least favourite book tropes

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010 but was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl come January 2018. It was made through the love of lists, books and to bring readers together.

I think we all love and hate tropes (recurring story themes that are widely known because they happen in many books) depending on what the story is and whether the trope is done right. Most of the time I don’t really mind tropes as long as they seem plausible and the author has written them well, but more often than not this isn’t the case and then some tropes can become boring and cringeworthy. I have listed five tropes I like and five not so much but really if a book is well written enough then I’m not usually bothered but most of the time I notice so…


Favourite tropes

Lost ancestry

i've been lost music video GIF by Betsy

I find I really like it when the MC turns out to be someone secretly special or there are secrets brought to light about their ancestry that no one knew before and seemingly had no way of ever finding out… I think I’ve also found this in adult books too and just love it when that happens!


Times Up Friends GIF by AsmodeeGames

Sometimes there is nothing better to spice up a book than a betrayal of someone close to the good guys! I will always love these especially when its so unexpected you don’t see it coming, am I right or am I right?


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I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with books but I’ll say me favourite villain redemption was in the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender and those of you who have seen the series will definitely know what I mean here 😉 But in books I find I have really enjoyed villain redemptions as for me there is something quite satisfying about it all…hmm..

Plot twists

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When something happens in the book that makes the whole story and plot take a totally different turn, oooh I just love it and once again it is even better if there is no hints for it coming!

Revelations (about the characters, their situation, the world etc.)

shocked wait what GIF by Shalita Grant

When there is a series of books that keeps the characters and world secret in the beginning then slowly reveals more about everything towards the end, this if done right makes fantastic reading for me as I’ve always enjoyed when there are revelations about anything in a book that weren’t brought to light before. How I don’t like it when nothing is revealed about the world whatsoever, but that’s a topic for another time 😛

Least favourite tropes

The Chosen One

fox artists on tumblr GIF by Animation Domination High-Def

Urgh this trope is so overdone and overused, mind you if it is done really well I suppose there can be hope but most of the time I just roll my eyes when so many books feature a character that is special and has their path laid out for them to do great things etc. I don’t say I hate this but I do think it ought not to be used so often with so many stories.

Love triangles 

love triangle hearts GIF by Visual Num Nums

Another one that is just used so many times that it just becomes boring for me. I know if a love triangle is done well and made to feel plausible then it is acceptable but I just have to say I am so bored of seeing them all the time, anyone else feel the same?


miss piggy film GIF

Firstly let me say I’m not sure I believe in love at first sight, I suppose anything is possible and I have never experienced that type of love myself, but the most I cannot stand in books is when there are two people who hate each other one minute and the next they’re on top of one another. Most of the time this trope is not done with any care whatsoever which makes me sometimes wonder how it can sell so well 😛

High school mean girls 

and you cant sit with us amanda seyfried GIF

I see this so often in YA paranormal romances where there are these super popular girls in school that the MC doesn’t and she fancies the guy that is in their clique so they don’t get on and in return they make her life miserable, I’ve seen this so many times before and it’s tiring most of the time but once again if the author can make it really plausible… but that these days doesn’t come very often.

Gullible/ submissive main characters 

my little pony twilight GIF

This is also something that is very common especially in YA when there is a submissive girl who meets a hot guy who is a jerk basically and she follows everything he says and does and never stands up to him at any point. I will still read books with tropes in but if they’re not written in a believable way then all I say is the book becomes less enjoyable 😛


Do you have any tropes you love or cannot stand? 🙂


6 thoughts on “TTT: Favourite and least favourite book tropes

  1. Instalove is on my list of pet peeves, as well. Great list! I had a hard time with this one this week. There are so many I don’t like but not nearly as many that I love.


  2. These are some great tropes! I absolutely LOVE betrayals, but I want to see them coming. Well, not necessarily. I want there to be a *reason* for them. I don’t want to be blindsided by it and then figure out where the heck it came from lol. I love me some redemption arcs, too!

    I’m definitely over love triangles, too. I was never a huge fan of them anyway, except on a few occasions, but now they always feel so predictable. Insta-love drives me bonkers, too. A good book can be ruined for me with some insta-love. I don’t mind insta-attraction because, well, duh. But I want the characters to work for their love like normal people lol.

    Here’s my TTT post.


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