It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? #1

It’s Monday! What are YOU Reading is a weekly feature hosted by Book Date where we share what books we read in the past week and what we are going to be reading in the coming week. It is a great plan for organising your coming reading week!

OK, so I’ve seen this meme around quite a bit but haven’t before given it a go because it seemed so similar to WWW Wednesday which is a meme I saw first and really enjoyed doing every week. This week I have decided to try this one out as on Wednesday I will be busy all day and I don’t want to miss out on sharing my oh so interesting (lol) reading statuses and any rants and ravings that come along 😉 I have read other blogs who have done this and here have tried to make this post as different from WWW Wednesday as possible where I here focus more on the books I potentially plan to read in the coming week rather than just stating one at a time what I want to read. But most of all I’ve been interested in trying any meme I can come across and I know it is good to break the mould from time to time 🙂 I will also say here I don’t know how often I’ll do a Monday post as it mostly depends on what my week and bookshelf look like and of course how much progress I’ve made with my reading which those who know me know I tend to always have a TBR from my library taller than me! But anyway, any other exciting memes that emerge I’ll definitely look out for 🙂

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What I have read

The Blight of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood, #2)

A very good second instalment of a very good series! I have said before how I have really enjoyed these books and characters and in here everything was brought to life brilliantly. I think I’d only just realised after finishing the first book that the author had written another series set in the world of Muirwood which was its own standalone series but set in the same place. My library doesn’t have that series but it is easily attained for them 😉 My main love for this series is the magic system and the authors notes at the end that say a lot of the magics and beliefs in this world come from real historical religious texts from our ancient times. A well thought of plot, I hope there are going to be more fantasies inspired by our world coming out in coming years!

What I am reading at the moment

Siren's Song (Storm Siren, #3)

This is the series I have been dying to get finished in the past weeks. Like I keep saying, it’s not the worst fantasy series I have ever come across, but it just doesn’t have a wow-factor to it and I find the MC boring and tedious so much so that I have more or less lost interest in her story and can’t wait for it ti end. Everyone on GR has been saying this last book is the best and all I can say is I sure hope so 😛

Possible reading suggestions for the coming week

The Scourge of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood, #3)Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms, #2)

Well I’m certainly going to be reading the third Muirwood book after Siren’s Song as I have been trying to get through both these series as soon as possible. If  I do finish those books then I know I need to get a move on with more books on my library TBR Rebel Spring in particular because my library has only one copy of this series so if someone requests it I have to give it back at once. Clockwork Princess has forever been on my TBR but I just never got by to picking it up even though it is in desperate need of being returned, but at least the library has more than one copy of this book so there isn’t the risk of it being ordered and I having to take it back. If I’m being honest the book I’m most looking forward to potentially reading is Clockwork Princess because Cassandra Clare has such a way of writing that makes the reader always want to find out more about her characters and settings. So because of this I know I probably won’t get by to reading this for another while yet but I will try my hardest to get these books returned to the library cause even now I’m not sure how many times I’m allowed to renew them before I have to give them back…  😉

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3 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? #1

  1. You’ve reminded me that I have a bunch of books by Cassandra Clare on TBR mountain that I should get to one of these days. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


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