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I know last time I did a weekly recap I was very worried about my database ECDL exam and like I promised my tutors and everyone else, I tried my best and managed to get a pass 😀 It’s still not my last exam as I have the final exam which I’ve chosen to do on PowerPoint which for us Level 3 advanced students involves reading questions from a paper and answering them by performing certain tasks on the computer. It didn’t sound that much different from our online exams really and I have had a look at a passed paper and from here it doesn’t look too bad. That doesn’t mean I can stop revising though because even though lots of the stuff on PowerPoint seems quite familiar I have learned the hard way that exams have a habit of catching you out…

Putting exams aside over these weeks I have been tremendously busy with my support workers, exercise, catching up on reading and spending time with my family. These coming three weeks are the last weeks I have on this course and on Monday I have to remember I have a meeting with the librarian course coordinator to discuss everything that will entail on next years course which I’m quite looking forward to. I lost another 2.5 pounds at slimming world this week and I’m close to my 3.5 stone award which is something to aim for especially since my support worker has got me eating and liking salad 😮 I am still a fussy eater though and can still not stand the salads that you buy in the shops but otherwise some nice onion, grated carrot, iceberg lettuce and sweetcorn with a touch of mayo all mixed together with a side of meat makes a nice filling meal that I cannot rush at the same time. To be honest this whole weight loss journey is a win win because I’m finding my fitness is improving and I have a better attitude towards food and controlling the hungry ghost that lives inside but I know to get to my target weight won’t be easy as a lot of commitment and focus is needed.

Another major excitement that took place this week is mum has booked a two week holiday in July to Japan and got confirmation now 😀 Knowing me I spent many days listing all the potential books I could take with me there and ordered a huge chunk of books from my local library to choose from as mum only allows 3 physical books. My mum will never understand this but for me a massive part of enjoying any holiday or trip is having the right books which fit the setting and lucky for me there are many good Japanese inspired fantasies and historical fiction books out there 😉 We are both immensely looking forward to July and mum still hasn’t planned any itineraries or places to stay but for me I’m just so happy to be going 😀

I know I am rubbish at responding to notifications on this site but I would like to say a warm thank you to everyone who wished me well on my exam and I am so pleased and grateful of all the fabulous people I get to meet online 🙂 I hope where you are everything is going well and I’ll try to be more active on this site in the coming weeks 😛

Books I’ve recently added to my TBR

Spring Moon: A Novel of ChinaThe Bloodprint (The Khorasan Archives, #1)Wheel of the Infinite

Spring Moon: A Novel of China by Bette Bao Lord

I was thrilled to see my library has a copy of this and even though it’s about China I thought about sneaking it in my bag for my upcoming Japan trip. I’m saying this because I’m a little worried it is going to disappear from my library’s catalogue one day and I have seen this is not widely available on Amazon in my country :/ I don’t know, it sounds a really interesting story but I guess I’ll just have to see whether we’re meant to be.. haha rhymes…

The Bloodprint by Ausma Zehanat Khan 

This is not very highly rated but I am still drawn to it due to its middle eastern elements and also an adventure story that sounds just as epic as all the other great fantasy plots I’ve read. Hope I can get my library to bring this in, pretty please..

Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells 

An Asian inspired fantasy that I have also purchased cheaply on my iPad kindle. It’s also a standalone story which my wallet is sighing in relief for but my mind is always hungering for more when it comes to these culturally diverse fantasies. Can’t wait to find the perfect time to read this!


I will say again that I am so grateful to those who wished me luck last time, I know it sounds like I’m making a massive fuss over something small but I really worry about exams so I will say a massive thank you. How has your week been recently? 🙂

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5 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #78 Stacking the Shelves #80

  1. So glad you passed your exam and good luck with the rest. Your trip to Japan sounds wonderful.
    I always like to see the books you link. I have The Cloud Road by Wells and hope to listen to it this year. Happy Reading!


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