Book Blogger Hop: January 18th – 24th

Book Blogger Hop is hosted at Coffee Addicted Writer

The purpose of the Hop is to learn about new books, make friends with other bloggers, follow other blogs discover new books and gain more followers for your own blog. The hop will start on a Friday and end on a Thursday and will feature a weekly prompt asking a bookish question.

This weeks question:

Is there anything that drives you bonkers when you’re reading a book and makes you want to tell the author a thing or two?

Rant starting in three, two….

My main pet peeve I have with the books I read is the lack of or absence of world building. I remember I spoke to my support worker about this frustration I have of mine when authors create a fabulous world and characters but give no hints as to how their world became the way it is (I read a lot of Sci-Fi, fantasy and dystopia but I’m sure you can tell 😉 ) or how certain characters became the way they are. My support worker said some authors like to do that where they leave it up to your own imagination and speculation to fill in the details of the world and people, she said she herself actually likes that kind of fiction where you dream and imagine things for yourself yet the author gives you the building blocks. At first, I was like what the fuck? I get you need to use your imagination to some extent when reading but this? That’s the kind of stuff I feel the author should do as this is why you bought their book! I absolutely hate this type of writing with a passion and do wonder to myself how books like this can get published as to me a book with no world building feels incomplete and not done properly and it frustrates me so much sometimes that I want to shake some sense into the author…. Or is it me that needs shaking sense into… what do you think, do you read SFF and if you do do you prefer solid world building or would you rather the author only gave you the skeleton? 😛

skeleton running GIF

5 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: January 18th – 24th

  1. Lack of world building drives me nuts as well! I need a certain amount; just enough to be able to really imagine and understand important aspects of the world.

    My BBH


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  3. Nooooo I’d definitely prefer a solid world-building! I need to be able to envision the world in order to enjoy the story, otherwise it’s just characters running around and talking. I’ve recently realized I don’t pay that much attention to the world in its entirety in books though and I want to try spending more time figuring the world in fantasy books. That’s the most intriguing part, figuring out the world the author created in their mind.


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