Broken Crowns – Lauren DeStefano

Broken Crowns (The Internment Chronicles, #3)


Author: Lauren DeStefano
Release Date: March 22nd 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Science fiction, Dystopia
Series: The Internment Chronicles #3
Pages: 272
Pacing: Medium/slow


War rages everywhere and Morgan is caught in the middle in the haunting conclusion of The Internment Chronicles, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Chemical Garden trilogy.

The city is falling out of the sky…

Morgan always thought it was just a saying. A metaphor. The words of the dying. But as they look up at the floating island that was their home, Pen and Morgan make a horrible discovery—Internment is sinking.

And it’s all Morgan’s fault.

Corrupted from the inside by one terrible king and assailed from the outside for precious resources by another, Internment could be destroyed because Morgan couldn’t keep a secret. As two wars become one, Morgan must find a way to bring her two worlds together to stop the kings that wage them…

Or face the furthest fall yet. 

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Even though after the first book I was kind of expecting it, I feel really let down with this series ender. I found the plot messy and without structure and everything just felt kind of rushed in a way that wasn’t wholly believable.

I will say though the thing that annoyed me the most was the lack of world building in this ENTIRE series because in the first book the author managed to introduce us to a really intriguing world and people, I mean a city in the sky? Count me in! But none of that was ever explained and in this last book the whole belief system of the god in the sky was completely dropped despite there being zero explanation about how everything came to be. How did the city end up in the sky? Where did the sky god belief system come from? Why was everything so backward in technology? Was this set in our world or a fantasy world? What became of Morgan and Judas’ relationship? And what became of the war with the other kingdom on the ground? That just seemed to be pushed to one side and then thrown away completely in this finale, I mean surely just because peace has been achieved on Internment and the kingdom beneath it doesn’t mean that the neighbouring kingdom is going to suddenly forget about everything and their war, just saying.

I’m giving this book just over one star because of the writing which was still beautiful and captivating despite all the flaws of the plot and there is definitely a relaxing feel to DeStefano’s writing style which makes for a good calm read, but still with a pointless story 😛 I felt there were many ways in which to make this a really exciting science fiction adventure but it just felt like the author took the most boring route possible. There was hardly any action in this book or series and the ending didn’t really feel like that much of an accomplishment, which was such a shame with all the amazing build up the author did in the first book :/

Despite me liking the first book, I still must say on reading the second and third that I don’t really know how this series was published. I mean there has to be more than just beautiful writing in a story and if you’re going to only write a romance story then market it as that instead of gearing up a really intriguing idea and then letting it go flat. This is just my opinion but I don’t think books should be able to be published unless there’s proper world description at some point and all loose ends are somewhat tied up. None of that happened here leaving a very disappointing ending which was dry, boring and not very plausible.

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