Book Blogger Hop: November 30th – December 6th

Book Blogger Hop is hosted at Coffee Addicted Writer

The purpose of the Hop is to learn about new books, make friends with other bloggers, follow other blogs discover new books and gain more followers for your own blog. The hop will start on a Friday and end on a Thursday and will feature a weekly prompt asking a bookish question.

This weeks question:

If you could travel back in time to purchase the first printing of a specific novel, what book would that be? 

Getting the first printing of any novel has never ever really crossed my mind, I mean when I was younger I found it ridiculous that so many people queued for hours on end just for book signings and new releases and while I’m not so judgemental now, I still would never do that myself as I always am only interested in the story inside more than anything else. On giving this topic more thought I think it would be really awesome to get all the first editions of the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis as I do have some old copies of them at home but they’re practically falling apart now 😛 To have the first editions in pristine condition even to me as a not very collecting person would be beyond special as not only have I loved those stories (I need to reread them!) since I was young, but with old books like that I always have wondered what they were like when they were brand new…

Have you ever wondered what those old dusty volumes looked line when they were first printed, and which books would you like to get the first editions of? 🙂 

book GIF

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