Deep Water – Pamela Freeman

Deep Water (Castings, #2)


Author: Pamela Freeman
Release Date: November 12th 2008
Genres: Adult, High fantasy
Series: Castings #2
Pages: 490
Pacing: Medium/ slow


Centuries ago, Acton and his people displaced the Travellers, the original inhabitants of the Eleven Domains. Now, Saker the enchanter is driven by this ancient rage. With the bones of his fallen ancestors and the blood from his own veins, he will raise armies of the dead to slake his revenge.

But what really happened when Acton came through DeathPass a millennium ago? To find out, Bramble agrees to risk her life – and perhaps her soul – on a voyage of discovery. Will she find the simple answer she needs, or will her experiences shatter her deepest beliefs?

Meanwhile, Ash, tormented by his past, must return to the Deep to find his father and uncover the Travellers’ secret songs. He thought he had learnt all the ancient music. What has his father kept from him – and why? 

The truth, like all their destinies, is hidden in time and lies in deep water.

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I found the writing and the setting especially beautiful in this second instalment and it was really interesting getting the chance to learn more about the history of this world and more about the characters. I know I found the first book in the series a bit strange in terms of writing and characterisations but even then I couldn’t argue of how beautiful the setting of this world is and how vividly described it all was.

One thing I don’t think I mentioned last time was how there were short chapters here and there that told about the history of side characters the main characters met. Many I notice found these side chapters annoying and pointless but I found them really interesting and enjoyed reading about the histories of other characters and while I must agree these passages sometimes don’t really contribute to the overall story, they were really entertaining for me.

As a lot of this book is about looking at the past and finding out how to stop the growing evil, not a lot happened in terms of action like in the last book, but I felt I got on better with this book because the characters were more well fleshed out and the story moved along at a nice relaxing pace. The author has certainly managed to set up the scene for a grand finale in the last book as this book more or less ended with a kind of cliffhanger which I normally don’t like, but this one is one that still leaves the reader intrigued to find out what happens next, but also doesn’t cut things off too abruptly.  I haven’t mentioned this before but after reading this book I’m kind of gutted there aren’t more books in the series set in this amazingly crafted world. I know the author will probably tie things off really nicely, but I’ll say now I don’t want to leave :/  While I did find this book very slow going in some parts and it did take me a lot longer to finish than I hoped, I still wish the author would write more books of this type…

So overall, a very well described fantasy world with interesting world descriptions and history and characters that I found easier to connect with this time. It took me longer to finish than I thought and that was a bit of a disappointment but I would still like to recommend this series to those who like beautifully written traditional fantasy with a relaxing prose. I strongly look forward to seeing how things will end for this world and characters 🙂

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