Goodreads Monday #23 The Stone Mage & the Sea

Goodreads Monday is hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. It is when we show off a book from our TBR that we’re looking forward to reading.

The Stone Mage & the Sea by Sean Williams

The Stone Mage & the Sea (Books of the Change Book 1)

The Stone Mages rule the huge deserts of red sand. The vast coastlines are ruled by Sky Wardens. Magic is everywhere but not all have the power to control and direct it. Any child found to have magical ability is sent to the Haunted City to be trained in the Change.On the coast of the Strand, Sal and his father arrive in the small, apparently-normal town of Fundelry, where the locals are suspicious of newcomers and of anyone who stands out or appears different. Sal and his father are on the run from an unnamed someone or something. When a local bully attacks Sal, he is rescued by Shilly and her teacher, Lodo. Lodo is marked with mysterious tattoos and seems to know a lot more about Sal than Sal knows about himself. Salis father wants to stay but the Sky Wardens will be coming and Sal needs to learn what connection Lodo had with his mother and what fate seems to have been chosen for him before he was even born.


Recently I’ve been denied the right to buy this series by my mum 😦 I’m interested in these books because other reviewers have said they have a very Australian feel to them and I always look for books that have real world inspirations. I don’t know whether I’ll ever travel to Australia but it’s always been a place of great interest for me with its unique landscape and diverse wildlife. I’ve even had a few dreams about visiting there with my mum and hope everyday that those dreams will come true. I come to realise now that this author is the same author who wrote Twinmaker, a book I wasn’t all that fond of, but this one sounds way better, whether it will be only time will tell 😛 Oh how I wish mum would let me buy the ebooks, they’re not widely available where I am in paperback but they are available on kindle for not too much but hopefully mum will have second thoughts one day soon!

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