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Mmm… cookies *mouth waters* I spied this delicious tag over at Classy x Book Reviews and yes it is making it very painful for me since I’m no longer allowed any more fatty foods on my new diet :/ Read on for my answers 🙂

Chocolate Chip – A classic book you love or really enjoyed

The Hunger Games. I don’t know whether these books will be strictly classed as classics but in my eye they are as I can definitely understand why so many love them and they deserve all the hype they get! 😉

Thin Mints – A fandom that you really want to join and/or a hyped up book you want to read

To Kill a Kingdom

Many people have described this as deliciously dark but the description of sirens and hidden agendas is enough to drag me in. I can imagine this book being one where the twists are not predictable and the characters complex, it’s also super hyped so I guess it’s only a matter of time before my library gets this in.

Shortbread – An author you can’t get enough of

Cinda Williams Chima even though Philip Pullman isn’t far behind, I just really really love these well described fantasies 🙂

Samoas – An emotional rollercoaster

The Road

I had so many different feels whilst reading this and those who have read it will probably understand why the end made this book one of the most emotional books I’ve read this year!

Oreos – A book whose cover was better than the story or whose story was better than the cover

Shades of Earth (Across the Universe, #3)

Those who have read this series and/or seen the covers of the previous books will understand why I’m choosing this one, this conclusion is so much better than what the publisher has come up with here, no kidding.

Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties) – A book that wasn’t what you expected

Dangerous Girls (Dangerous Girls, #1)

This was so dark, twisted and messed up in all the best ways! I cannot begin to understand why these books aren’t as popular as Twilight… they were definitely the best vampire books I’ve read so far anyway…

Snickerdoodles – A book you may never stop loving or rereading

The Last Free Cat

I so need to buy a copy of this! My first and most favourite dystopian book. my only problem is it doesn’t look like the author will write a sequel despite there being desperate need for one in my opinion :/ Still an exciting adventure that can be enjoyed by everyone tho 😀


Feel free to pinch this tag if you want to give it a try! … I’m soooo hungry…

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