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So I first saw this tag on A Dance With Books and because I’m such a nut for any type of fantasy, this was just too good to ignore. Fantasy books have hardly ever failed to entertain and excite because I think there is simply nothing better than going to a different world… Lol this is why I mostly like the book version of a story to the movie version and still it seems other readers have read more than me but compared to everyone I meet in real life, I’m the most avid reader 😉

A fictional world that you would like to tour

Image result for cold magic kate elliott

This would have to be Europa from Kate Elliott’s Spiritwalker trilogy. It is one of those trilogies I think all fantasy lovers should try, I mean yeah there is a lot of info dump but the story and complexity of the world are just stunning. It might seem boring at first but it is one of those books that is definitely worth it in the end! Cold Magic – Kate Elliott review

A specific place that you would like to visit

Image result for a thousand nights ek johnston

Ohh where to pick… I think the Qasr in the desert world of E.K. Johnston’s A Thousand Nights   is a place that would be simply stunning, magical and culturally diverse mainly due to the beautiful magical storytelling that I think needs more credit 😛 Ever since reading this book I’ve been fascinated by desert settings so to visit here would be beyond amazing 😀

A character that you would like to meet

I don’t think it’s a surprise to say there are many characters in books I’d love to meet in real life but the one I think would make me smile the most is Skulduggery Pleasant from Derek Landy,s books. Everyone should read these books because even though they feature a talking wise cracking skeleton, they’re not so silly you lose interest, they’re full of action, suspense and laughs 🙂

An event you would like to witness

The freeing of all the trapped souls from the underworld in Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass. Firstly to travel to such a place must have been something but when they were all freed and came pouring out into the universe that must have been amazing to see 😛 There are some really good ideas in this series and trust me when I say the movie doesn’t do this story justice.

A sport/activity you would like to try

Hmm… I think I’d like to ride a dragon, just imagining having a special bond with such a majestic creature while we soared through the clouds…

A weapon you would like to wield

The Master Lightning Bolt from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief cause who wouldn’t want an item of the gods under their control?!

An item you would like to use

That would have to be the Subtle Knife from Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (again) because I have always dreamed about visiting other worlds and have always been a believer in the parallel universe theory. Mmmm just thinking of the ability to go to any world and imagine if only you knew about this fabulous ability (although if you’ve read to the end of the series you’ll see there is a dark side to the knife, but me? I think despite that I’d probably still use it I don’t think I could ever do what Will did in the end).

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What a fun tag! It’s always great fun to recap on one of my favourite genres of all time 🙂 just need to find more time to read lol  (I know I keep saying that but…) 😛

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