Goodreads Monday #10 Subhuman

Goodreads Monday is hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. It is when we show off a book from our TBR that we’re looking forward to reading.

Subhuman by Michael McBride

Subhuman (Unit 51 #1)


At a research station in Antarctica, five of the world’s top scientists have been brought together to solve one of the greatest mysteries in human history. Their subject, however, is anything but human . . .
Deep beneath the ice, the submerged ruins of a lost civilization hold the key to the strange mutations that each scientist has encountered across the globe: A misshapen skull in Russia. The grotesque carvings of a lost race in Peru. The mummified remains of a humanoid monstrosity in Egypt . . .
When a series of sound waves trigger the ancient organisms, a new kind of evolution begins. Latching onto a human host–crossbreeding with human DNA–a long-extinct life form is reborn. Its kind has not walked the earth for thousands of years. Its instincts are fiercer, more savage, than any predator alive. And its prey are the scientists who unleashed it, the humans who spawned it, and the tender living flesh on which it feeds . . .


Another one that is meant to be scary! Well, many people have said so anyway 😛 I saw this on my library catalogue and it said the library was “acquiring” it. On seeing this I immediately pressed the reserve button, however that was months ago and still I haven’t heard anything :/ Whenever it does come in I’m very much looking forward to reading this as many people said it was scary and very scientific. Also I’ve always been interested in the secret, unknown histories of our world and this one presents a world some other readers have said is “believable”. Either way it is right up my street and no matter what others say I will give this a try, even if its full of boring science bits but most of all scary alien scenes 😛

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