Goodreads Monday #9 (23/4/18) Fir

Goodreads Monday is hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. It is when we show off a book from our TBR that we’re looking forward to reading.

Fir by Sharon Gosling



We are the trees. We are the snow.

We are the winter.

We are the peace. We are the rage.

Cut off from civilization by the harsh winter of northern Sweden, the Stromberg family shelter in their old plantation house. There are figures lurking in the ancient pine forests and they’re closing in. With nothing but four walls between the Strombergs and the evil that’s outside, they watch and wait for the snows to melt.

But in the face of signs that there’s an even greater danger waiting to strike, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish reality from illusion. All they’ve got to do is stay sane and survive the winter…


For quite a while now I’ve been hooked by this description and by the fact that I keep seeing this in my local library. That cover too! Earlier this year I actually had quite a bit of snowy weather where I live and I recall one review saying not to read this when its snowing outside. I will admit from the description and from other reviews this does sound quite scary and there is even a warning on the back saying this isn’t suitable for younger readers…. Now that it’s approaching summer I must admit there is a sliver of regret that I didn’t take the challenge and read this when there was snow as still I have yet to be scared by any book 😛 I hope it won’t be boring and I hope all our questions will be answered in some way at the end, but either way this does sound like a very exciting read! 😀 Have you read this book?

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