The Friday 56 & Friday Book Beginnings #11

The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda’s Voice and asks you to turn to page 56 (or 56% in your e reader) of your book (any book) and share a sentence or two that doesn’t have spoilers.

Book Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader and is about sharing the first sentence or so of the book you’re currently reading.

The Whisper by Emma Clayton

The Whisper (The Roar, #2)

Telepathic twins Mika and Ellie at last are reunited. But if they’re ever to free the brainwashed, microchipped child soldiers, they must pretend to play along with the tyrant Mal Gorman’s maniacal plan, even as they mind-read his every evil thought. Members of an elite squadron of mutants, the brother and sister have specialized skills that will enable them to steal the top-secret formula for an age-reversing drug developed by rebel scientists on the wild side of The Wall. Juiced by these potent pills, the cadaver-like Gorman foresees a future in which he’ll be forever young – released from the machinery that now supports him.

Unless, that is, Ellie and Mika have a master plan of their own: to bring the all-powerful Gorman to his knees, and face-to-face with his greatest fear.

From Goodreads


Book beginning 

As darkness fell on the cliffs of Cape Wrath, a storm blew in from the North Sea. There had been many storms at Cape Wrath before, but this one rocked around the fortress as if a DJ were spinning dark matter. Waves boomed against the cliffs, clouds rolled like molten lead, and all those elements in between warped in the night as if part of the strange event that was occurring in the fortress.


Page 56

The next morning in Cape Wrath was gray and still. Waves lapped against the cliffs, and the blanket of cloud threatened only drizzle.

Mal Gorman had had a late night, but he was at his desk at dawn, flicking through the fortress cameras. The implanted army was still sleeping peacefully, and the nurses were treating its wounds. Some of the children had hypothermia and had been taken to the hospital unit, but most would be fighting fit again in a few days.



As I’ve said I have been so excited to read this! 🙂 And I will also admit I’m only a few pages in but so far it seems to be carrying on that same level of suspense as the first book. The reviews from my friends for this book have been mixed with some saying this was a disappointing conclusion and others saying they love it. It has a high GR rating anyway but I mainly hope it will carry on in the same exciting fashion and I really really am curious as to how this ends as the first book left quite a cliffhanger of an ending 😛 The only thing to do now if I want to find out more is read on I guess and hope this will never go downhill… it started strong though 🙂

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