Alanna: The First Adventure- Tamora Pierce

Alanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness, #1)


Author: Tamora Pierce
Release Date: first published 1983
Genres: High fantasy, Young Adult, Childrens
Series: Song of the Lioness #1
Pages: 216
Pacing: Fast to medium


Denying her magical powers and disguised as a boy, Alanna strives to achieve her ultimate ambition. To become a knight. Her determination wins her powerful friends in the palace. But court life holds unexpected dangers. Something about the powerful magician, Duke Roger of Conté, terrifies Alanna. Soon she will face a challenge to test all her skills…

From Goodreads

The review

What a pleasant surprise! This book isn’t very long and is obviously aimed at a younger audience but it didn’t disappoint at all as we are introduced to a feisty heroine and an ending that promises greater things to come.

Alanna the MC has to be one of my favourite heroines in children’s literature. But what I like most about her is the fact that she’s flawed as well as strong because that just makes her character all the more realistic and believable. On saying that however, I found the other characters to be very similar to one another without much development in them and with similar personalities. I hope further on there will be more development of Jon’s character because after that ending it’s very obvious his and Alanna’s fates are going to be entwined. I just hope the plot is going to focus on romance too much if there is going to be any.

One flaw I must point out in particular with writing a high fantasy novel this short is it leaves little room for character and world development. Don’t get me wrong there is some kind of world building later on in the book but I felt it could have been made richer and more detailed. I mean this world sounds amazing with its complex religion and different climates that too me weren’t developed enough. Another thing is I would have liked to get to know all the characters a bit more with more time being spent with them and some history about them perhaps… But there are three more books in the series so there’s obviously a lot more to come.

So overall this was a fast, action filled, light fantasy that most of the time lives up to expectation but would have probably been better if it was made a bit longer.


Who I’d recommend this for:

This book would be perfect for children who are reluctant readers but can also be enjoyed by anyone who likes strong, likable female characters. Anyone who just wants a quick but eventful fantasy, this is for you.


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